About Bruce

“If you dream it,
we can do it.”
Bruce W. Speer
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Well this is how the Magic began…

I am the youngest of six children… yes the baby well it had its advantages and disadvantages!
Well somehow I knew I was different…reason being I had that Sparkle!  It was somewhat hard to express that sparkle sometime living in a small coal mining town in the hills of South West Virginia… but oh well I took that chance yes had many struggles but always bounced right back.
I knew I wanted to be in the spotlight, but how? Well I started waiting tables and that was my spotlight and stage! I seemed to use that smile and southern charm and charisma Mom taught me growing up… now this was in the late 80s waiting tables was a great job and also considered a profession.
Back in those days we did lots of cool things. One of my favorite things was to prepare cherries Jubilee, Bananas Foster and even Caesar salad tableside… was it ever so fun and entertaining well at least I made it entertaining! I was able to land a job at a wonderful four-star five diamond hotel in Abingdon Virginia… quaint little town housing the state theatre of Virginia and the Martha Washington Inn. I learned how to do it all. They allowed me to show my creativity and flair and also I learned a lot while working there.
I decided to move to Atlanta Georgia to make a change in life. At the age of 26, I packed up the U-Haul, my wine tool and tux…my cat named tux that is.
Oh well, Atlanta was a big jump compared to the hills of Virginia and east Tennessee. I moved from one restaurant to another…learning something from each one and taking it and sharing it with the others.
Years went by. Then in 2008 after my mother passed away with a short illness I decided to leave Midtown Atlanta and moved to Vinings…a quaint little area just right outside of the city. While there, I started working at a local Mediterranean restaurant where the owners allowed me to be myself and show my colors. I was able to meet all of the locals and showcase my talents and love for the culinary arts and entertainment. I worked at the Olive Bistro Vinings for many years and then decided to branch out on my own.
I built my dream…Cafe Vena at Vinings… there I combined my knowledge of food and entertainment to create a cabaret-style restaurant. I then embarked on producing and embracing local talent as well as national and international artists. I knew then that was my strength…creating experiences, giving people a destination that was true magic!
I was able to work with many talented and creative entertainers here in Atlanta and also branched out into hosting my own shows and being able to guest spot as emcee in several local productions and charity events. As always, I took control in design, lighting and sound. Needless to say, if food is involved,  let’s create a menu but let’s make it special…let’s add that personal touch!
That’s the Magic! Now let’s get this started. Let’s create that memorable experience…the sparkle and bring on the magic!
If you can Dream it we can do it
Let the Magic begin, 
Bruce W. Speer
Faith, Dream and Believe